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1. Doctor.com launches webwide online scheduling solution for healthcare providers
Doctor.com has launched ScheduleSync™, calling it the first universal webwide online scheduling solution for healthcare providers. ePharm Brief
2. Few consumers use smartphones to manage health insurance
Only 13% of consumers currently use their smartphone to manage their health insurance, though 36% have downloaded an app from their health plan, according to a new study from HealthSparq. ePharm Brief
3. Point-of-care communications standards released
The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) is establishing guidelines for reach verification and standardization of performance metrics for point-of-care (POC) media. ePharm Brief
4. Study: Opioid-related demand for acute care services outstrips supply
The Annals of the American Thoracic Society have published a study believed to be the first to quantify the impact of opioid abuse on critical care resources in the United States. ePharm Brief
5. Patients, providers don't see eye to eye on what makes a satisfied patient
Although both patients and providers value patient satisfaction and experience, they do not agree on the elements that determine high patient satisfaction rates, according to a survey by Kelton Global on behalf of West Healthcare. ePharm Brief
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Yesterday's Top Stories
1. Most Americans want lawmakers to shore up ACA
2. Vitals gets HITRUST CSF Certification
3. NASP launches website against DIR fees
4. App allows parents to check child's spine for scoliosis signs
5. Messaging app links surgery team, families during surgery