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1. Health marketers should target deep-seated emotional triggers
Traditional healthcare advertising in the United States is falling short, educating people but not motivating them to take meaningful steps to improve their health. ePharm Brief
2. Surescripts to offer Gemini Health price transparency at point of prescribing
Gemini Health is working with Surescripts to deliver price transparency at the time of prescribing. ePharm Brief
3. Ageism is a $63 billion problem
Ageism led to excess costs of $63 billion for a broad range of health conditions during one year in the United States, a new study by the Yale School of Public Health has found. ePharm Brief
4. Access to affordable healthcare widened use of preventive services
Access to affordable healthcare ensures broader usage of preventive and disease management services for diabetes patients, finds a study published online in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. ePharm Brief
5. Mental health campaign had good reach among young people
A community engagement campaign launched by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to address mental health barriers had an impressive reach with the younger audience it targeted and showed signs of changing attitudes, according to a new RAND Corporation evaluation. ePharm Brief
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1. Hospital executives want integrated electronic solutions
2. Americans concerned about antibiotic resistance, but misconceptions persist
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4. Study IDs four obesity subgroups, suggesting tailored treatment is needed
5. Insufficient sleep linked to unhealthy habits in kids