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1. Comprehensive care physicians better for costs, patient experience
Since patients who need frequent hospitalization account for a disproportionate amount of healthcare spending in the United States, the University of Chicago Medicine began enrolling patients in a clinical trial designed to test an imaginative way to reduce such hospital stays. ePharm Brief
2. Prominent physicians suggest ways to lower drug costs, improve access
A group of 21 prominent physicians has published a comprehensive proposal to ensure universal access to safe, innovative, and affordable medications. ePharm Brief
3. Clinicians value continuous glucose monitor data
Diabetes data management company Glooko has released the results of a study that examined diabetes healthcare professionals' use of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data. ePharm Brief
4. Machine learning taps CT scan data for more accurate small vessel disease diagnosis
Machine learning has detected one of the most common causes of dementia and stroke, via the most widely used form of brain scan (CT), more accurately than current methods. ePharm Brief
5. Sharing negotiated rebates could save seniors money
PhRMA is touting a new analysis from IHS Markit showing that sharing a portion of negotiated rebates at the pharmacy counter could save Medicare-enrolled seniors with diabetes more than $350 annually. ePharm Brief
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