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1. Prescribed fitness apps could help cancer patients increase physical activity
Fitness apps could be prescribed by clinicians to help patients recovering from cancer increase their physical activity levels, new research in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship reports. ePharm Brief
2. Smartphone app can detect ear infections
Researchers at the University of Washington have created a smartphone app that can detect fluid behind the eardrum simply by using a piece of paper and a smartphone's microphone and speaker. ePharm Brief
3. Embodied AI can help treat mental illness, but ethical questions remain
Important ethical questions about using "embodied AI" to treat mental illness remain unanswered, according to researchers at the Technical University of Munich. ePharm Brief
4. Americans worried about memory loss, but aren't talking to doctors
Many Americans in their 50s and early 60s are worried about declining brain health, especially if they have loved ones with memory loss and dementia, finds a new national University of Michigan poll. ePharm Brief
5. Machine learning may be able to detect hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease in brain tissue
Researchers at UC Davis and UC San Francisco have found a way to teach a computer to precisely detect one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease in human brain tissue, delivering a proof of concept for a machine-learning approach to distinguishing critical markers of the disease. ePharm Brief
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